Standing Seam and 5V Crimp

Some Florida home styles just look best with a metal roof. Also, the southwest Florida weather is extremely tough on roofs, and some people just prefer metal. King Roofing consciously seeks out and selects the best products and methods to make your metal roof live up to the demands of Florida’s environment. With up to 35 Year Warranties available, they are simply the best roofing systems available for a number of reasons. They protect your home from fire, high winds, blistering heat; and are also environmentally friendly.

This type of metal roofing material may be better known as Old Florida or Key West style, and is the most economical of all metal roofing products. It is produced in 24 and 26 gauge metal and can be applied as a silver Galvalume mill finish, or painted metal in a variety of popular colors. The panels will overlap each other with the roofing screw fasteners being installed through the panels and tightened down with sealing washers. King Roofing has its own mobile 5V-Crimp fabricating machine for use at the job site to ensure a custom fitted roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing
These types of roof panels are secured to the roof decking by concealed anchor clips and appropriate sized screws. Fastening through the panels themselves is avoided at all times. This virtually eliminates holes which tend to elongate with thermal movement and cause leaks.

Roof Panel Paint Systems
Durability and lasting value of a metal roof depends largely on the paint finish and for this reason we use the premium paint systems exclusively. Basically, there are three types of paint systems commonly used on metal roofing panels. All three are guaranteed not to chip, peel, crack or blister. The primary difference between the paint systems is their color retention capabilities.

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVF2) The PVF2 system is guaranteed to retain approximately 85% of its color for 20 years. Our premium quality fluorocarbon paint systems are DURANAR and DURANAR XL, produced with 70% KYNAR 500 solid resin under license from Pennwalt Corporation and manufactured by PPG Industries, Inc.

Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) The SMP system is guaranteed to retain approximately 80% of its color for 10 years. SMP is a premium quality paint coating that combines durability and flexibility with excellent value. The trade name is DEXSTAR 850 and is produced using an exclusive DEXSTAR resin system manufactured by the Midland Division of The Dexter Corporation. With high quality ceramic pigmentation, DEXSTAR 850 offers optimum exterior protection plus superior resistance to chemical corrosion, ultraviolet radiation and is the most sophisticated silicone polyester coating system available to the industry.

Polyester (POLY) The POLY system has no guarantee for color retention. This most economical exterior paint finish includes a baked-on epoxy primer (0.2 mil.) and a baked-on polyester coat (0.65 mil.) totaling a nominal .85 mil. dry film thickness. The POLY coating is used primarily when cost is the determining factor.

Other Metal Choices
In addition to the ever popular 5V-Crimp and Standing Seam Panels, a new type of metal roofing system has been introduced in recent years and is quickly gaining recognition and great approval.

This type is a pressed Galvalume or Zincalume metal that has been sealed and bonded with stone granules. The panels are formed to provide the appearance of more traditional roofing systems such as tile, wood shakes or shingles. The panels are applied horizontally rather than vertically provide lightweight roofing which surpasses industry standards for high velocity winds, wind driven rain and are also Class-A Fire Rated (non-combustible).

In addition these panels provide state of the art durability, insulation, ventilation, noise reduction, resistance to UV rays of the searing Florida sun and timeless beauty, in addition to being maintenance free!

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