Roof Repairs are made easy when you call King Roofing Service. We employ specialty crews that perform “Repair Only” jobs. These workmen have the knowledge and expertise to identify the underlying source of the roof system failure and correctly make necessary repairs.

Did you know that a cement or clay tile roof system should provide twenty five or more years of service with very little maintenance, with the exception of periodic cleaning? However starting in the mid to late eighties the housing boom started in SW Florida as more and more Northerners flocked to the sunny coast lines of Florida’s beautiful beaches and weather seeking their future retirement home. As a result there simply was not enough skilled labor to accommodate the demand and premature roof failures became so common that in the late nineties King Roofing Service implemented specialty Repair Crews to service the high number of request we were experiencing from Property Managers and Home Owners alike.

Most Common Roof System Failures

FLASHINGS: Flashings are usually a piece of metal which is bent in a form to create a termination of the roof plane to a wall juncture. Flashings are by far the most common result of roof failures, whether they are just too small, lack proper sealant, have misplaced nails or even never been installed.

ROOF VENTS: All roof vents have a flange that is attached to the roof deck over the underlayment and then sealed. When this seal is inadequate water can migrate under the flange and enter the home.

VALLEY’S: Valleys are designed to allow large amounts of water flow off the roof plane to the roof’s edge. They are lined with a large piece of metal flashing conformed to fit the valley angle. They usually have a diverter down the center to better control the large amount of water flow. They need to be properly sealed at the two outer edges (not visible once the tiles are installed). Since the underside of the roof tile do not sit flush with the roof deck debris can build up and cause blockage of proper drainage. The leak will occur when the edges are not sealed well enough and allow water to enter the home.

PESTS: Yes pests or small animals such as palm rats, raccoons or squirrels will occasionally make you home their home. They have been known to chew through the roof underlayment and eventually the plywood deck. This certainly has nothing to do with roof installation, but it does occur. We advise all homeowners to keep trees cut back away from the roof edge.

OTHER: Sometimes workman from other trades can be the cause of roof failures. They will nail boards to the roof deck to provide footing or equipment support. When they are removed they may forget to mark or alert the roofing contractor of the nail hole and in turn this often will go unnoticed by the roofer resulting in a premature roof leak.
We hope you find this information useful. King Roofing Service can make any necessary repair to your roof in a cost effective and professional manner.

If you need your roof repaired, call King Roofing Service today!

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