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For about the cost of a nice light fixture, a skylight will transform any dark space by filling it with soft, evenly dispersed natural light. The heavy-duty unit installs easily, operates for free, needs no maintenance and may qualify for tax credits.

Rejuvenate your mind and body, and improve your sense of well-being. Natural sunlight radiating from a skylight promotes overall health and increases productivity. It’s fast. It’s easy. And, it’s economical. Transform your surroundings with soft, appealing natural light…without wiring or electrical fixtures.

“I had a tubular skylight installed in my kitchen. The natural lighting was so bright that I kept trying to turn off the light switch. It wasn’t even on! I loved my skylight so much that I now I have five of them in my home!” Debra J, Naples, FL

Sunlight provides the full visible spectrum of light. Solar optical technologies used in tubular skylights are energy efficient, eco-friendly and low maintenance. Tubular skylights offer more privacy than traditional skylights, while reducing the glare of the sun’s rays.

Natural sunlight is directed from a leak-proof dome on the roof and bounces it down through a highly reflective tube. The light is then diffused through a lens cover at the ceiling level, giving a warm ambiance to the whole room. Tubular skylights provide exceptional illumination – even on cloudy days and in early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky. Plants also thrive in a natural light setting.

Because most of our residential installations are between the rafters and ceiling joists of your home, no structural modification is needed. Tubular skylights allow maximum light flow while preventing 99% of harmful UV rays from coming through. Skylights add value to your home and make rooms seem bigger, brighter and cleaner. Advanced engineering diffuses natural sunlight in sealed tubular skylight systems for a healthier, happier you.

Tubular Skylights Fill Your Home With Healthy Sunlight

Natural Light Tubular Skylights operate completely on the sun’s solar energy. No wiring or switches – just free light with all the positive benefits of natural lighting. The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. The flashing housing protects the entire system from weather elements and can be installed in all roof systems.

The Dome is constructed of impact modified acrylic.10 times stronger than regular acrylic it easily withstands wide temperature variations.  This material is also UV stabilized absorbing 99% of UV rays while maintaining optic clarity.

 Florida Building Code Approved

Natural Light Tubular Skylight are able to withstand Florida’s harsh tropical storm weather.

 Hurricane Tested and Approved

Natural Light Tubular Skylights underwent numerous tests by the Hurricane Test Laboratory, Inc. in Riviera Beach, Florida and successfully passed to achieve the “hurricane approved” rating.

Available in a variety of size and covers a wide range of area:

Model SizeCoverage AreaWattage Output Equiv.Max Light Tube Length
10″Up to 150 sq. ft.300 Watts18″
13″Up to 300 sq. ft.500 Watts20″
18″Up to 500 sq. ft.1000 Watts20″
21″Up to 700 sq. ft.1450 Watts20″

Tubular Skylights Maxim Skylights by King Roofing Service

When it comes to Tubular Lighting King Roofing prefers NATURAL LIGHT Tubular Skylights heavy duty construction and overall quality of their products. Bill King, President/Owner of King Roofing Service Inc.

Traditional Skylights

Whether replacing an existing skylight or a complete new installation, King Roofing offers high quality skylight selection.  If the tubular skylight is not your style, why not consider a conventional rectangular skylight? We offer free design consultation.

No matter if you are installing a new skylight from scratch or replacing an existing one, you should always request a manufacturer who has the Miami-Dade Approval to assure maximum protection and peace of mind. King Roofing Service Inc only uses skylights with this approval. We install pre-ferred manufacturers like Maxim Hurricane Resistant Skylights, Velux Skylights and Sun-Tek Skylights.

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