SWR Underlayment can save you $$$ on your insurance premiums!

A Secondary Water Resistance (SWR) Underlayment is the first line of protection from water intrusion into your home. It is installed directly to the plywood roof deck and is a self-adhering polymer-modified bitumen roofing underlayment (thin rubber sheets with peel and stick underside). When properly installed it will provide protection from even the heaviest of downpouring rains with it’s water shedding properties.

Homes with roofs installed prior to 2007 will most likely not have a SWR underlayment installed since it was only introduced and became a new CODE and application method in Florida with the new 2007 Building Code Revision.

Note that roofing felt or similar paper based products (30lb/90lb hot mop systems) are NOT acceptable for secondary water resistance. Hot mop applied felt is often used under tile roofs as the primary water resistance layer, and are often confused with secondary water resistance products.

King Roofing Service Inc only uses top brand products for its SWR application fully adhered to the entire of deck.

You can count on King Roofing Service for the best products and installation.

Bill King

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